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ChainMaster partnership to provide industry training and experience

A new partnership with leading manufacturer ChainMaster is set to help students gain invaluable industry experience at Backstage Academy. 

With a shortage of technicians in the live events industry, the partnership will help Backstage Academy meet the growing demands of the industry by training the next generation of riggers, lighting designers and production managers. 

As a global manufacturer and distributor of electric chain hoists and chain hoist controllers for the entertainment industry, ChainMaster will supply equipment and products, as well as practical training and support to both staff and students at Backstage Academy. 

Chain hoists are fundamental to live events touring. Students will have the opportunity to gain practical experience using 12 D8Plus one tonne fixed speed rigging hoists, equipping them with a strong technical foundation and experience when they graduate. 

The partnership also focuses on the provision of training to both Backstage Academy staff and students on topics such as industry standards, rigging practices around Europe, and safety. 

Adam Beaumont, Global Brand Manager at ChainMaster, said: “We’re passionate about training and educating future live events professionals, which is why we are delighted to be partnering with Backstage Academy. It is a privilege to work with and support the students and staff, and to offer them access to our equipment and expertise. We hope that our involvement will help equip students with the practical skills they need to succeed in the working world.” 

Dedicated to fulfilling industry’s growing demand for skilled workers, partnerships form part of Backstage Academy’s ongoing commitment of ensuring students have the academic, practical, technical and applied skills required by the industry when graduating. 

Miles Marsden, Industry Partnerships Director at Backstage Academy, said: “Our goal is to create highly skilled live events professionals with a high level of independence and competence. Meaningful partnerships such as this one help ensure that our graduates have the necessary skills and experience to meet growing industry demand. We are grateful to ChainMaster for the equipment, which enables our students to gain valuable hands-on experience, as well as for their generous training and support. We look forward to long and prosperous partnership.” 

Industry-education partnerships are collaborative efforts that bring together higher education institutions, businesses, and community. Such partnerships not only benefit institutions and their students by ensuring they have access to cutting-edge tools and technologies, but also offer immense value to industry. 

Since the partnership with ChainMaster started in 2022, the equipment has also been used across Backstage Academy more widely, most recently for its graduation event. 

ChainMaster was established in Germany in 1994 and is part of the LIFTKET Hoffmann Group. The company exports its world-leading range of products to 55 countries worldwide. 

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