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New TAIT Wakefield internship launched exclusively for students

A new internship launched by TAIT Wakefield will exclusively offer Academy of Live Technology students the opportunity to experience working within the live entertainment industry.

The Intern Programme is a partnership between TAIT Wakefield and Academy of Live Technology designed to provide students with the opportunity to develop their understanding of the live industry whilst gaining hands-on work experience alongside their studies. 

TAIT is a leading company that has been setting the standard for world-class live experiences for over 45 years. With a global team of creative engineers, fabricators, producers and technologists creating unique, never-seen-before live entertainment experiences, students will be able to work alongside industry professionals and equip them with the experience needed to succeed in the working world. 

Available exclusively to second year Academy of Live Technology students, the TAIT Wakefield Intern Programme will offer students an invaluable overview of the industry. The placement will take place over two years, with the first year introducing students to the specialist areas of TAIT, including Global Assets, Project Management, Mechanical Integration and Controls and Automation. In their second year, students will choose to specialise in one of the four areas they would most like to develop. 

It will also provide an opportunity for students to apply for a graduate position within the company upon graduating.

Dedicated to fulfilling industry’s growing demand for skilled workers, partnerships form part of the Academy of Live Technology’s ongoing commitment of ensuring students have the academic, practical, technical and applied skills required by the industry when graduating. 

Rachel Nicholson, Head of Institution at the Academy of Live Technology, said: “Our ambition is to create the next generation of live experience professionals with the skills and experience needed for a rapidly growing industry. Working together with global industry leaders such as TAIT allows us to drive forward with this commitment. TAIT Wakefield’s Intern Programme is an invaluable opportunity for a student to find their feet in the industry, learn directly from industry experts and gain hands-on experience in the industry, so they become a well-rounded live events professional.” 

Debbie Powell, Early Careers at TAIT said: “We have enjoyed a brilliant partnership with Backstage Academy for many years, and we’re delighted to continue that journey as the Academy of Live Technology and TAIT Wakefield. We’re lucky to have several alumni graduates building their careers at TAIT in Wakefield – working with our colleagues on global projects, from rock’n’roll tours to international brand experiences. 

“The future of live experiences is dependent on nurturing current and future talent – and we’re committed to supporting that in every way we can.” 

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