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  • Duration 3 Days
  • Cost £1950+VAT
    (Includes lunch)
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About this course



Virtual production is changing the way we create content. As we see the rapid adoption of the technology, now is the time to get to grips with what this entails and how you can harness the tools to advance your career. The Virtual Production Accelerator programme is a three-day intensive course to build your expertise as a virtual production professional. You will gain hands-on experience shooting a film on-set using virtual production techniques and leave the course with a full understanding of the creative potential of virtual production and how you can use it to tell stories in new and exciting ways.  As a virtual production professional, you will be able to advance your career opportunities into highly paid and highly valued employment, with Virtual Production Operators often earning up to $200,000 per year.


This bespoke course is designed to equip you with the skills and experience needed to take your career to the next level in film and television. Going significantly beyond the basic “Introduction to Virtual Production” courses, we will take you on a deep dive into the world of virtual production and give you practical experience using the latest real-time technologies and advanced LED volumes. 

Starting with online and hands-on classroom learning, you will then be immersed into real-world production, providing on-set learning in both pre-production and post-production environments. 

You’ll learn all about the fundamentals of storytelling, Unreal Engine scene building and virtual production. As your knowledge progresses, you’ll move onto advanced concepts, such as colour management, data recording and VAD integration. 


What is the cost of the course?

£1,950+VAT (discounted to £1,750 for an early bird if you book 30 days before each session). 

Midday meals included in the ticket price. 

Accommodation and evening catering services available at extra cost.  

Where will in-person sessions take place?

Training will take place at Production Park. As a campus where some of the greatest live experiences are created, you will have access to world-leading facilities and technologies in film, TV, virtual production, and live events. 

Quotes from previous attendants in 2023:

" I would really recommend people come on this course.  You get to use and experience disguise and the LED volume first hand.   I really think this course is worth it."

" I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in upskilling in vp, understanding how disguise integrates with different platforms,  basically anyone who is ready to go into much more depth in virtual production and is willing to put the work in."

"I think being in the volume makes a huge difference, being able to see it and experience it...  I've done lots of online learning before, but seeing it in person, mapping it in a real space is great."

"Given me the confidence to be on set, and understand the ecosystem, how the networking is working.  If I go onto set now I won't have to ask so many of the intermediate questions.  I could be part of the conversation now, before, the small amount of knowledge I had just wasn't enough."

"for me the highlight as been getting a full unreal integration with disguise on a real volume, at home I can do some of the bits separately, but this course [has enabled me] to do the whole pipeline in depth." 

Topics covered